Monday, 26 December 2011

Showing a bit at the beach

Today I went to the beach.

I had most of the afternoon to myself and although it was mostly cloudy there were patches of sun and it was fairly warm.
So I drove down the coast road to look for a fairly deserted beach.
Preferably one where I could park and strip off in a location where passing cars could see me a bit from some distance but with no one around close by.
That way I could wear very little and the passing people may notice but would be past before they could do anything and in any case not be sure exactly what they saw because of the bit of distance.
There is a place I like for this, a car park open to the passing road but little used, with a walking track up hill to the beach where the cars can see me from about 100m away while I leave my car and walk across the area and then up the hill away from them.
Anyhow this day I was looking for a new place and going along a fairly isolated road parallel to the beach but some distance from it separated by impenetrable scrub.
I found one old access track but it was so overgrown I couldn't get more than a few metres into the scrub.
But further on I found another track which looked a bit more used.
Parked the car just a few metres off the road and got ready.
I had already stripped beside the car about an hour earlier and only had my black knickers on.
These are a pair of size 10 womens knickers in black and are slightly see through especially since I removed the gusset. However they give me full coverage at the back and small but adequate coverage in the front. They are very plain and can pass for speedos in most cases other than very close up. I have worn them at a crowded public beach and walked everywhere around wearing nothing else and no one had ever batted an eyelid. They would only be noticably see through very close up or when stretched.
Wearing just these, I simply got out and started getting ready for my walk to the beach. Cars were passing and would certainly have noticed the man in the speedos but that's only a bit unusual and certainly not unacceptable.
I had my bag ready with all my other toys in it so locked the car and just walked off up the track with bag and towel in it.
There were lots of footprints on the track but no cars parked at it's start so the chance of someone coming up from the beach was very small and if anyone came from the road they would be well behind me due to having to park and all.
So just up the track I took off the knickers and put on my LapLap.
I call it my LapLap because I seem to have some memory from my youth of them being called this. It's actually another pair of similar knickers but cut down so there is no crutch at all and only a flap hanging half way down over my bum at the back and at the front only a narrow triangle with a hole in it which goes over my dick. The sides are only string width.
I do really love this item. It hides nothing and actually pulls my dick up a bit while displaying my balls but is better than wearing nothing because it accentuates the experience. It would be much more risky to be caught wearing the LapLap than simply wearing nothing.
Now wearing only the LapLap and feeling great I headed off up the narrow track to the beach. About 300m I guess. At the end the beach was deserted for as far as visible in both directions. Not a soul anywhere. No surfers, No fishermen, No walkers or joggers. No one.
So I just strolled down to the beach to the water and tested it. A bit chilly but wouldn't be once you were in.

Just then, while casting my eyes about, as I do all the time just to make sure no one has appeared, there was suddenly a man just come out of my track.
He must have come up the track after me !!
What's the chances of that I thought.
And there I was in only my LapLap at the waters edge and him easily able to see me and what I was wearing or at least that my dick was out and half my bum visible and little else covered.
What to do ???
Well, I didn't want to make a show of putting the towel around me so I just held my bag up at hip height on the side he was on and started walking up the beach.
As I moved up the beach and he moved down towards the water I moved the bag a bit more round the back until he was on the water line and then he started up the beach behind me.
He was fully dressed in jeans and shirt with rods and fishing gear.
Just in case I speeded up a bit and eventually he stopped off at a spot to fish and I managed to put some distance between us.
I'm sure that, if he looked, he could have seen at least some of my bum and some of the LapLap and certainly that I was wearing less than generally acceptable but maybe he just wasn't interested ??
As I got further away from him I started to lower the bag and when, looking back, I saw he was mostly occupied with his fishing great I just removed the bag altogether and kept going up the beach. If he had looked I'm sure it would have been a sight. I think my bum looks great with just this little bit of fabric hanging down over the top of it.
What others think ? Who knows ?

Continuing on up the beach in a bit of sun now and just loving the freedom of the LapLap I could still not see anyone at any distance up or down the beach. I could do just what I wanted. Now, being just far enough away that I couldn't really tell what the fisherman was wearing I take it that he too could not really tell what I had on. The LapLap, being black, would generally be taken for Speedos at that distance anyhow.
So I just put my bag down on the dry sand and went in for dip.
Wasn't too cold and once the water hit the LapLap it simply fell down at the back because the elastic is very loose. But I just pulled it up roughly so the rear fabric just clung to the top of my buttocks any how it wanted and walked back up the beach to my bag.
What a great feeling. I thought "if only there was someone else I could do this with who appreciated the same thing" !
Well, then with wet LapLap I went on up the beach and climbed a sand hill leading up to the bushes behind the beach. None of these tracks go beyond the start of the scrub so none of them are possible sources of unexpected visitors like on other beaches.
As long as there is no one coming up or down the beach towards me close enough to see what I am wearing then I have the whole place to myself.
Up on top of the hill there was a great flat sandy area surrounded by bushes and the sun was getting a bit hot now so I took off my LapLap (because it would give me small tan lines) and lay down straight on the sand to get a few rays onto the white bits.
I have been working on eliminating my white bits this way and it's slowly working.
I don't have what you would call tan lines at all but the bum is still just a bit lighter than the rest which I want to rectify.
Put the towel over my head to keep the sun off and just lay there enjoying the sun and thinking about things.
Generally I think about the risk of being discovered and keep getting up to check if anyone is approaching etc but this time I simply abandoned myself to it and didn't event check.
Even if anyone did walk up the beach they would be extremely unlikely to walk up my dead end dune track of which there are hundreds and anyhow if they did they deserved what they would find.

After a bit the sun got lost in some clouds so I decided to go for a swim.
For this I decided to spice it up a bit by fitting my combination cock ring/butt plug.
This consists of a D shackle which does up round the base of my cock and balls and is welded to a steel rod going back to my arse. This has a small wooden butt plug on it. Only about 1" diameter and 3 1/2" long but enough to know it's there yet be comfortable for extended wear.
This unit pushes the balls up and out and keeps a good pressure around the base of my dick to keep it all interesting.
Just in case anyone was watching from a distance I put over this my cut down swimmers.
These are a pair of Speedos to fit an 8yr old boy.
I bought them new and could just squeeze them on but soon removed the leg elastic so they pulled up high and tight. The type of fabric doesn't fray when cut so I then cut them back some more so there is only a string crutch and they go right up my crack at the back and out to the sides over about half buttock width. At the front I pull my dick upwards and it holds it there but the balls stick out below with the crutch string separating them.
I love the feel of this. It makes me feel really "putting it out there".
Now, with the cock ring/butt plug on when wearing this the balls really stick out hard.
Attired like this I simply walked down the slope, glancing up and down the beach, and went in for a swim.
I could see the fisherman and presumably his family had joined him.
I could see their figures but nothing about their clothing so presumed that if they were watching me at all then all they could see would be a naked body with something grey that was probably speedos. No problem there.
Surf was great and afterwards went off exploring some stuff washed up on the beach and then back up the hill to lie in the sun again (without the boys speedos) but still with the cock ring/butt plug.
After a while I decided a bit more was in order so added my double cock rings.
This is a smaller D shackle with a rod and two chrome rings attached.
The rings go over the dick and the shackle goes down over just the balls and bolts up underneath. The shackle is really tight and I really have to squeeze the base of the ball sack to get it all in and do up the shackle pin but it just fits.
Then the dick is encased in these two rings and held straight out in front.
When fully hard the rings are just a bit tight but when the dick is soft it just lies in the rings and sticks out front.
Lay back down again on my front and scooped out a bit of a hole in the sand to allow the tackle to not get squashed up.
Then found that I could rub the underside of my dick up and down the sand in the hole which was pretty nice. Just lying there quietly in the sun slowly sliding my dick up and down and thinking appropriate thoughts.
This got me really hard and because of the cock rings the hard on wanted to stay around so I got up and just went down the hill again for another swim with the cock standing straight out and rock hard and the balls the same underneath.
This time I made myself NOT look up and down the beach until I had reached the level part at the bottom of the hill !  I like setting myself challenges like this.
Luckily there was still no one in sight other than the fisher people so I just went on and played in the surf. Initially I thought that the water would instantly deflate my hard on but surprisingly the waves hitting it did the opposite so when I came out it was still just as rock hard.
Looking around I saw up the beach some sort of object. Just too far away to tell what it was but could have been someone's towel but unlikely as I had seen no one.
So I just decided to go and investigate. Wearing only the cock rings and my big hard on I walked then jogged up the beach leaving all my security stuff (things I could cover myself with if needed) up on the hill I must have gone half a mile or so up the beach to discover that the object was a fishing net and floats which had been washed up.
Still not a soul around so I went walking in the low dunes, standing on high spots and loving the sun and freedom. Hard on still pretty hard but settling down a bit.
Found a bit of matting and tried to use it to slide down the steeper dunes on but not with much success.
Eventually worked my way back to my hill and went back up for another lie in the sun.

After a while the sun started to get lost in clouds and it was getting time to leave so I contemplated what to wear to get back because I would have to go past the fisher people to get to my track and car.
I could wear just my womens knickers, as I had on a public beach before, but I thought, given that the man had probably seen what I was wearing before, this might provoke comment so I wore them but with my sun shirt on as well. The sun shirt is the sort made of lycra which are pretty close fitting with short sleeves and a close ring neck. They are made pretty long and typically go down to just above the crotch so when wearing it it almost covers my bum and stops just above my dick.
I can pull it down so it does just cover my bum and dick but it quickly works it's way back up and after a while of movement if I don't pull it down it will work up at the back to the top of my bum.
Well with the knickers on all they would be able to see would be the bulge below the front and a bit of the knickers at the back which they would assume were normal speedos and take no notice.
I did think of keeping the cock ring butt plug on but it would have made the bulge Really noticeable and I might end up under close scrutiny so I took it and the double cock rings off but just to spice things up I inserted my 40mm butt plug. This not my biggest but it's a good size and generally stays put of it's own accord.
Thus attired I picked up my bag and strolled off down they beach towards the fisher people.
The kids and mum were mucking about but the man seemed busy fishing and in fact I don't think he even looked at me once or even knew I was passing.
So I passed in front of mum and the kids and stopped to chat about the beach and weather etc
They didn't seem to think anything of what I was wearing probably assuming that Speedos were the go underneath.
However as I walked away, as I got a bit further but still where they could see pretty clearly if they looked, I let the shirt ride up a the back and then started pulling the knickers up and in at the top to reveal more and more cheek. By the time I was 50m away the knickers were all but up the crack and the shirt was just below waist level.
Looking back to check I doubt they even noticed. They were just playing about not looking my way. Anyhow I did it.
Turning off up the track I climbed to the top of the dune and then turned back to fact them about 100m away. There was a small clump of grass on a hillock in front of me so if they looked they would see most of me but probably not all the below waist.
I took of the knickers and stood there easing the butt plug out slowly savoring the feeling until it dropped in the sand with the knickers.

Now, what to wear along the track back to the car ?
I decided that, due to the chance of someone else coming down the track at any time, I would wear the Boys Speedos under the sun shirt but reverse the speedos so the wider bit was at the front to fully cover the tackle and the back like a G string.
Wearing the shirt above the tackle at the front meant anyone coming from the front would see speedos under a shirt but at the back there would be bare bum unless I pulled the shirt down as they passed by.
To add a bit I went for the 50mm butt plug as well now. This one is a bit of a squeeze and you really know it's there but it went in quite well and stayed there all the way to the car.
Didn't meet anyone on the way but when I got to the car there were plenty of cars passing by only say 3m from me. I went about my business of leaning into the car to get my clothes and walked around it a couple of times letting the passing cars get a sudden eyefull of a bit of buttock protruding out of the bottom of the shirt or a good big bulge at it's front.
Then I just lifted the shirt off and put it in the car and got out my normal shirt to put on.
This was a button up long sleeve work shirt but standing there just behind the car door I took the boys speedos off first before putting the shirt on.
Stood there facing forward and backward buttoning up the shirt as the cars continued to come past, They must have been able to see lower butt and bit of dick in their quick glances.
Then with just the shirt on I went round the front of the car to the back to lean on the boot while slowing easing out the butt plug and enjoying the sensations while people went by.

Then back to reluctantly put my jeans and shoes on and on my way.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Women have all the fun

It's not fair that women get to show off their bodies sexually and men don't.

Short skirts, tight pants, bikinis.
But if a man wears anything at all "sexy" he is seen as either Gay or a Deviant.

This blog is to discuss this issue and bring together men who do/would like to show off a bit more and women who would appreciate this.